University history

Since the 1330s, the Social Services Charity Organization has established schools in cities such as Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Tabriz, etc for the development of vocational education and training of semi-skilled and skilled workers who can work in industrial establishments (workshops and factories) or independently, in the name of Technical and Vocational Education Complex. Technical and Vocational Education Complex of Tabriz has officially started its work in this current location since 1356 by accepting 60 male and female students in four fields: machine tools, metalworking, electricity and metal industries. The first head of the Tabriz complex in that year,  the late Asghar Elhamian and his deputy, Rahim Samiiyan, After the glorious victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran in February of 1357 and the transfer of the property and assets of the Social Services Charity Organization to the government ministries, the technical and vocational complex of Tabriz is also handed over to Education department of East Azarbaijan Province. The educational complex resumes its activity under the title of Technical and Vocational college of Tabriz under the supervision of the Higher Schools Affairs Office of Education department and under the management of the late Ruhollah Farhang from October 1358. Notably, that time, the Tabriz Institute of Technology, which has been under the supervision of the Education department since 1344 and was operating near Tabriz Industrial Academy (Vahdat Academy), collected and merged with Tabriz Technical and Vocational Education Complex. In 1386, after the consolidation of technical and vocational colleges and teacher training centers and the formation of the Higher Education Complex of the Great Prophet (PBUH) in the body of the Ministry of Education, Tabriz Technical and Vocational college continued technical and vocational education under the supervision of this complex.  Since the beginning of 1390, according to Article 23 of the Fifth Development Plan Law of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the country's technical and vocational colleges with all facilities, movable and immovable property, manpower, assets, obligations and responsibilities, have been separated from the Ministry of Education and joined the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology under the title of Technical and Vocational University, Tabriz Technical and Vocational College will be transferred to the Ministry of Science along with management 180 other faculites and colleges across Iran. Currently, Tabriz technical and vocational college is known as Tabriz No.1 technical and vocational faculty along with 7 other technical and vocational colleges in Tabriz and the Maragheh, Sarab, Ahar and Mianeh cities, with the management of East Azerbaijan Technical and Vocational University, are managed as a branch of the Iranian Technical and Vocational University. East Azarbaijan Technical and Vocational University chancellor is currently Dr. Ebrahim Ahmadi.