Tabriz at a glance

Like many cities in Iran, Tabriz has a long and rich history but saw many of its historic buildings destroyed by invaders or earthquakes. According to available statistics, Tabriz is the safest city among the metropolises of Iran. Downtown Tabriz is very walkable and the people are also extremely friendly, something not particularly common in big cities.
Tabriz is known as the city of “First-Evers” because many of inventions and innovations took place in Tabriz for the first time in Iran. The first printing press of Iran, modern library, cinema, kindergarten, school, the deaf school, modern coin mints, bill printing, chamber of commerce, municipality, telephone, power plant, and fire stations, were established in Tabriz for the first time in Iran.
Tabriz is one of the most modern cities in Iran and is considered as the economic, commercial and industrial hub of northwestern Iran. Tabriz is one of the best tourist destinations in Iran with its old museums and historical monuments, nature and scenic landscapes of Azerbaijan region. Tabriz is called a "city without beggars". At the city level you rarely encounter begging. Tabriz, with more than 100 non-level intersections, has been named as a city of underpasses and overpasses. Within a few years, Tabriz was introduced as the "most beautiful and developed" city in Iran. Meanwhile, Tabriz is also mentioned as “Second Iran University City” and Tabriz technical and vocational university is located in the south of the city.


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